Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mr. Double X, Jimmie Foxx

Back in the mid sixties when I was young 20 something college student I played in a baseball league during the summer in Lakewood, Ohio called Lakewood A. We were mostly college students home for the summer but there were also a fair number of former minor leaguers who just couldn't walk completely away from the game they loved. Some of these old pros were in their forties but still had the skills and I was amazed by the plays they made and the hits they stroked and yet these were the guys that didn't make it. On my team sponsored by a Cleveland company called Airmatic Valve we had a young man named Jimmie Foxx who played first base, at best he was average at the plate and in the field but as I later learned his father was none other than THE Jimmie Foxx or 'Double X'. At each game his son played this barrel chested older man would sit stoically in the bleachers quietly watching his boy play and probably the only reason I knew anything about Jimmie Foxx was that my older brother had a Louisville Slugger with Foxx's name imprinted on it which made want to know a little more. Here's a YouTube video about Double X.

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