Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Well it's been nearly a year since I last posted so here's an update, Presently we're in Texas at the Donnell Homestead trying to avoid winter in Montana. Right now it's not exactly 'balmy' here with temp in the high to middle forties but I'm certain things will begin to warm up in the weeks to come. We had a great Christmas with family and friends and are already looking forward to our road trip that will take us to Goodyear, Arizona and Cleveland Indians Spring Training, the smell of baseball is in the air! I've reclaimed the ball field I built around this time last year since it was disguised as a hay field since we left last February until we returned in November. The baselines are chalked the mound repaired the batter's boxes laid down, and what grass there is has been cut. The diamond was re-christened with BP (batting practice) with my son Tim, daughter Sarah, and her husband Matt all taking part plus two Golden Retrievers Bogie and Hurley who served as ball-boys. The picture below compared to last year's is a lot less green probably because of the cooler weather and over-nite freezes we've had lately.