Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Rare Double Rainbow

With the right combination of rain and sunshine we're rewarded with the rainbow, white light refracted into it's various color components. This was taken two evenings ago on the deck of my neighbor and good friend Paul Bradley and we were gifted with not only one rainbow but two.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

227 Clark St. Berea, Ohio

This little white house has housed three generations of my family from my paternal grandparents to my mother and father, and lastly my brother Jim. It was where I grew up and became the person I am now. The house and the property it sits on are a treasure trove of cherished memories from the day we moved in 1949 until the day I left for war in 1968 and not to return again except periodic visits with my own family. The house is empty now and probably at some point in the future will be sold to finance my brother's care in assisted living and then some other family will begin their traditions at 227 Clark St. Berea, Ohio.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Long Time No Post

Yes chief that's true, it has been a long time. Well the reason is that this long delay has everything to do with what has been going on in my life of late. First of all the good part and that was the birth of my granddaughter on the 8th of April in Atlanta, Georgia. My daughter Sarah and her husband Matt took delivery of a 9 pound baby girl named Lily, but that's only half the the story. Here's a link to a featured article that appeared in a suburban Atlanta magazine just a short time ago , http://fayettewoman.com/lily-love-story.html . The article explains in detail what happened on this incredible journey to new life.
Now to the less happy affairs that have intersected my life. I have an older brother Jim, four years my senior, whom I had to place in an assisted living situation due to his numerous falls at his home in Ohio where he has lived alone for the past twenty years. It's never an easy thing to remove a person from the surroundings they so cherish not to mention the fact that he's the third generation of my family to have lived there. At this time Jim seems to be adjusting but right now he's on trial run stay at this facility to see if it's going to work out for the long term. So far so good.
The last episode concerns our Montana home which sustained an uncontained water leak due to a frozen pipe on an interior wall even though the heat was on. This happened in late March just we were preparing to come back to Montana from Arizona. We were alerted to this disaster by a neighbor who was doing his weekly check on home while we were away. Three months later we are still putting the pieces back together and it

looks like it will be at least another month before we're back in the house. All this time we've been living in our RV with two cats and two dogs and I now understand the term 'bunker mentality'