Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Been a Awhile

In fact it's been more than a while somewhere in the neighbor hood of 2 1/2 months. Between driving back from Texas to Montana for Christmas, visiting my brother in Ohio, doing a incomplete rush job for Christmas shopping, then driving from Montana to Goodyear Arizona right after Christmas a blog post was the last thing on my mind. But now that we're settled in our RV in sunny and warm Arizona it's time to relate what the hell has been going on.
First of all I attended the Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp at their player development complex in Goodyear Arizona. It was a week filled with all things baseball with former Indians' players, major league uniforms and club house facilities, and lots of playing baseball which was something I hadn't done in over forty years. And don't think my body didn't notice, after a few days the once empty trainers room now had a line of aging ball players serpentining out their door and down the hallway while the air hung heavy with the smell of analgesic rubs. Men hobbled around after our games with ice bags taped to arms, legs, knees, and shoulders. But despite all the physical discomfort most of the seventy some attendees endured we all had a wonderful time trying to recapture our youth in our attemtp to play a young man's game. My week came to an abrupt end during a Wednesday morning game when I swung at a low breaking pitch reaching out with left arm I felt the pop of something. That something was the tendon that connects the lower end of my

left bicep to my left elbow. I was assessed by the Indian's lead trainer and he confirmed my fears of a snapped tendon, I was quickly put in touch with Indian's local orthopedic surgeon and the surgical repairs were completed several days later. I guess that puts me on the DL for two months, but no mind, I'll be basking in the Arizona sun watching every Indians home spring training game until they break camp in April, not a bad way to rehab.